pofungPofung Radios, formerly Baofeng Radios, are high quality dual-band radios that operate in the 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz Frequencies.

This transceiver gives Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) Operators access to the 2 Meter (2M) and 70 Centimeter (440) bands.

In addition, the Pofung Radios frequency range covers a variety of other frequency bands used for Marine Radio, FRS, GRMS, MURS, and Public Safety, providing excellent monitoring coverage that other radios may not provide.

The handheld two-way Radios will transmit and receive at 2-5 Watts, depending on the radio. Pofung Radios are fully programmable, both manually and using a program cord and computer. The radio’s exterior shell/case is extremely durable and strong.

Pofung Radios are available in many styles, sizes, and with various accessories. Take a look around this website and find a radio you can enjoy and afford.